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The Lost Rupees VR

Live an exciting adventure in a fantastic world for VR. Fell inside the game itself with this immersive VR

We have been lucky to show the game at several events and it has been a lot of fun. Get down, get close and above all have a good time.

Third person VR game

Jump on the platform, fight your way with your sword to overcome the enemies, and destroy all the objects to recover and win rupees with the Chibi Hero. You are the camera and only you can help the fearless hero to pass the levels and enter in the dungeons to obtain extra power for your adventure.

The 6DoF are used to play in an extraordinary way by bringing the player inside the game. 

The Lost Rupees takes advantage of both a small play space and a large space.

An amazing 3d VR platformer for Oculus Quest, download it from SideQuest.
Also for Google Cardboard

4 levels!

Discover the 4 levels of the demo, available at Sidequest and

Level 1

The best level for the first contacts with VR, move with freedom.

Level 2

A more difficult level with narrower paths, with more enemies to fight.

Level 3

Climb to the top and get the master sword in the dungeons.

Level 4

A more challenging level to be a true hero, will you be able to collect all the rupees?.

User Reviews

“A great VR experience of 3D platforming and a bit of adventure. One of the few third-person games for Cardboard. Although it requires a controller connected to the mobile to play.”
Google Play user
“Essential game for virtual reality lovers. The aesthetics reminds me a lot of Zelda. Sincerely one of the best apps on the play store for virtual reality.”
Google Play user
“Great Platforming Game No doubt this game needs some work but it is an awesome platform game and for the low price of free this is worthwhile for everyone to check out...”
SideQuest User

Enjoy the game by using the Nintendo Switch’s gyroscope, roll these rounded and cute animals and take them to their habitat – download it now from Nintendo eShop!


What are you waiting for to try it!

Try the demo of The Lost Rupees VR, a platform and adventure game for your VR headset

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